Vedic Art Course Levels

Course description


In the Foundation course students are introduced to the 17 Principles, exercises and general approach of Vedic Art. No previous experience is required. The course runs for a minimum six days and 30 hours of theory and practice.


The students are presented with additions and extensive lectures on the Principles. Here you have time to receive individual support from Vedic art teachers throughout your painting process. The course runs for a minimum of four days and 20 hours of theory and practice.



The Creative Forces, the Vedangas of Art ©. This is an Advanced course for those who have completed the Foundation and Continuation courses. The Subjects covered by the course are: Expression, Knowledge, Transformation, Measuring, Self Referral and Expansion in art and life!


This Teacher Training is for you who have completed both the Foundation Course and the Continuation Course.

This Course gives you permission to teach the Vedic Art Foundation Course.
You can also join the training as part of your own personal development. (This is Teacher Training level A & B.)


Teacher Training Continuation Course. Teacher Training Continuation Course. For Vedic Art teachers only.

For joining this course you must have experience of teaching minimum two complete foundation Courses. You need as well yourself repeat the Continuation Course  as a student one time befor you can attend Teacher Training C.

This course gives you permission to teach the Continuation Course and gives you the tools to have conversations with students about their paintings and creative process. ( This is Level C for Teachers)


A course for Vedic Art teachers. During this course, we give instructions and practical experience of teaching Vedic Art for children and for groups with both parents and children. With Paulina Mazurek.



New course! Start year 2019.  This is a course for you who want develop your artistic expression! The course offers mental training for creatives. We identify common mental and emotional limitations that prevent us from blossoming in our creativity, and train in how we can go beyond them. Let your innate creativity flow! The course is developed by Johannes Källman and Ania Witwitzka, inspired by Curt Källman.


The Art of life! We go deeper into how we can use the principles in our daily life and how they can bring creativity, personal development and joy outside the canvas. The Principles give us a deeper understanding of life, work, projects and relations. This seminar is for students who have completed the Foundation Course (Level 1) in Vedic Art.


The Vedic knowledge on how to love what we do, love ourselves and free ourselves from the fear of loss! Love without conditions, requirements and fears in art and life! This seminar is for students who have completed the Foundation Course (Level 1) in Vedic Art.


Are money and resources the same thing?” How we can use art and the 17 principles to live a “richer life”! How to fulfill desire and take advantage of our innate resources and creative energy! This seminar is for students who have completed the Foundation Course (Level 1) in Vedic Art.


Our inner potential is greater than we could ever believe! The principles and the Vedic wisdom give us practical tools for getting to know ourselves, to find the key objectives in life …. perhaps find a deeper meaning in life! This seminar is for students who have completed the Foundation Course (Level 1) in Vedic Art.


Liberate yourself from a life of lack and limitation! We review the main reasons why we feel limited in our painting process and explore how we can remove these limitations! Art as a key to a freer Life! This seminar is for students who have completed the Foundation Course (Level 1) in Vedic Art.


An advanced course with the eighteenth and nineteenth steps of Vedic Art! They are NOT new principles but Additions introduced in the Vedic Art program by Curt Källman and inspired by the knowledge of Veda.

The Creator – Brahman is our driving force. Atman is the infinity of Art and Life. Inner resources and a strong sense of creativity will bring out the “creator” in us! The additions teach us how to use our own unique potential to live a more creative life. How we use art and the 17 principles to free ourselves from stress and limitations, to live here and now, and thereby find the joy of living and create. During this course we go deeper to access awareness of our desire to create, the creative processes and the powerful forces in art and life. This course is for students who have completed the Foundation Course (Level 1) and Continuation Course (Level 2) in Vedic Art.

Benefits of Vedic Art

Benfits of Vedic Art program for you who..
– want to find their individuality & their strong sides.
– want to start truly loving oneself.
– want to gain more confidence to express themselves in daily life, job and interacting with people.
– Want to discover their own life path & desired career
– Want to focus more on their real self & become really proud of it!!!
– Want to shut down old memories & traumas which are difficult to forget, forgive & move on from.
– Want to know very easy and useful & effective techniques to work with during difficult & challenging times sin their life.
– Seek fun, joyful and very unique activity with life lasting benefits in their free time.
– Want to discover happy & free part of themselves.
– Want to reduce amount of stress and sadness in their life.

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Vedic Art Academy offer

ESPECIALLY FOR ARTISTS – It is excellent course for Artists who want to learn a method allowing them to NEVER burn out and create VERY UNIQUE and individual Art pieces.
ESPECIALLY FOR PARENTS – This course, attended together with a child can show the both of you the weakness and strengths of your relationship and will show you, what else you can do to let you feel closer to each over and build a stronger and more loving relationship. Teacher Paulina Mazurek has passed the Teachers training-Vedic Art for children.
FOR COUPLES – This course attended by couples can help you realize certain things that you are doing(or not doing) in your daily routine, that may slowly damage your relationship and you will discover as well, what both you can change to strengthen your love and save your relationship from a bitter end.

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