Vedic Art Level 1 – Foundation


and this level is for people who:
– want to find their individuality & their strong sides.
– want to start truly loving oneself.
– want to gain more confidence to express themselves in daily life, job and interacting with people.
– Want to discover their own life path & desired career
– Want to focus more on their real self & become really proud of it!!!
– Want to shut down old memories & traumas which are difficult to forget, forgive & move on from.
– Want to know very easy and useful & effective techniques to work with during difficult & challenging times sin their life.
– Seek fun, joyful and very unique activity with life lasting benefits in their free time.
– Want to discover happy & free part of themselves.
– Want to reduce amount of stress and sadness in their life.

ESPECIALLY FOR ARTISTS – It is excellent course for Artists who want to learn a method allowing them to NEVER burn out and create VERY UNIQUE and individual Art pieces.

ESPECIALLY FOR PARENTS – This course, attended together with a child can show the both of you the weakness and strengths of your relationship and will show you, what else you can do to let you feel closer to each over and build a stronger and more loving relationship.

FOR COUPLES – This course attended by couples can help you realize certain things that you are doing(or not doing) in your daily routine, that may slowly damage your relationship and you will discover as well, what both you can change to strengthen your love and save your relationship from a bitter end.

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PEOPLE WHO HAVE GRADUATED LEVEL 1 OR LEVEL 2, THEY CAN ATTEND TO ANY VEDIC ART WORKSHOPS IN THE WHOLE WORLD, JUST FOR AN ORGANISATION COSTS – *Except Summer Schools in Oland, in Sweden – Level 1, Level 2 and all repetition in Oland costs €200.


This course is designed for those who has finished Level 1 – Foundation, Level 2 – Advanced and it can be ONLY DONE with people who have PERMISSION from Kallman’s family. £700 or €900. In UK – Ania Witwitzka has permission given to her by Johannes Kallman or Vedic ArtAcademy she organised, especially for that opportunity, a one week retreat in Enetri, Oland, Sweden with Johannes Kallman, from 25 of AUG 2015 until 01 of AUG 2015. IT IS


To be sure, you have a space for above school with Johannes please contact pour Academy as soon as possible. Instalment fee of £200 will be necessary if you want to sign for Teacher Qualification Degree. Booking your flight earlier will give you a bigger opportunity in finding a really cheap flight. Nearest airport is Kalmar, we need to arrive in 25th of Aug the latest. Translation in Polish is possible.