Vedic Art one week retreat in Glastonbury : 24 – 31.05.2015




Vedic Art workshop introduce a very simple and 100% effective tool for making conscious and wanted CHANGES in your everyday life.

You learn how to use it effectively.

Vedic Art is a technique that strongly transforms everyday reality.

Vedic Art is both:
– for people who lost faith in life and its meaning, as well as,
– for artists who have lost their passion for creation.

Vedic Art is also for those who do not know what is their forte, their passion and vocation, even for people who do not know in which way to go in life.

Vedic Art is the key to interior, in order to explore the contact with the Over-mind itself to be able to solve different challenges in life piling up.

This technique uses painting approach as a spontaneous expression of yourself and to encode the access to the system operation / Code values / diagrams of your unconscious patterns.

Through painting, the right hemisphere is strongly activated – kingdom of the subconscious mind (our patterns, what determines us on a daily basis), and the path to the super-conscious, or the kingdom of possibilities of the universe and our true essence of the soul.

We do not need to know the techniques how to beautifully paint, to activate this process. Painting can be a strange thing to us, after all, just take a brush and start the work on canvas … and simply let it go, to activate the process of creating and meeting with unknown of you so far. A side effect can be surprisingly beautiful painting :-)

During the workshop you become familiar with the universal 17 principles of creating harmonious and fulfilled life.

These Principles are as access codes,
they trigger in you,
step by step awake your power to act and create your life with unique potential.

Here, anyone lost in the rush of everyday life can find own true self again.


****** Places are limited – only 14 ****

Only booking covered by non – refundable deposit of £80 guarantee having a hold place for that retreat.

Before you book and pay please check whether there are still free places available.


9 different sized canvases,
set of brushes,
set of acrylic paints of different colors,
clothes for painting – to make them dirty,
stand for mixing paint – palette – can be old plate, shallow plastic, plastic bag, etc.
water containers will be on the site

Price of the workshop is: £ 170. – This is the fee for a full six days workshop.

PRICE CAN FOLD TO Two Instalments !!!!!!

CHILDREN between 6 and 16 years of age may participate in the workshop COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE BUT ONLY as an accompanying adult, although they possess his own set of paints and brushes and canvases. There is also a possibility that will be located at some distance from the adult. (a few easels on)

The price of the workshop materials are not included painting.

I assure tea, coffee and small snacks (cookies).

You can order a home – cooked dinner from hosts at a cost of a price of £ 6 per meal or order a take-away from local shops/restaurants.

Notification please send to my email: with title: VEDIC ART MAY – GLASTONBURY.

You can touch with me also by call : 07865254115

Paulina Mazurek founder of Vedic Art Academy





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