One week retreat in Enetri, Oland in Sweden – Lectures with Johannes Kallmann


It is a chance to learn Vedic Art directly from Kallman’s Family teaching. Curt Kallman’s son – Johannes has main responsibility in Vedic Art on the whole worlds – he and best Vedic Art teachers from Sweden are going to lead lectures during this one week course in Enetri, Oland in Sweden.

There are two possible dates slots to choose:

25.07 – 01.08.2015 * – ONLY 3 PLACES LEFT!!!

01 – 08.08.2015 * – ONLY 4 PLACES ARE AVAILABLE!!!

Oland Invitation ON YOU TUBE

For this two dates, transport from Gothenburg Landvatter Airport is organised for participants.

Lectures are going to be held in English with possibility to be translated to Polish for no additional charge.

Level I or II – 200 Euro,
Teacher Qualification Course: 900 Euro, * (TTC – Teacher Training Qualifications are held only in a week:  25.07 – 01.08.2015)

and possibility for repeating Level I , II ot TTC by those who already completed any of those Levels – 200 Euro
Costs of one week accommodation in Sweden: between £120 – £200 (depends to place)
Deposit: £100
Please apply through email: with Oland Vedic Art in subject

Extra to Vedic Art teachings and painting time in studio during the course, in a free time it is worth to explore the Oland island landscape – ancient place of Vikings history – stone circles in Ottenby, and few more places.

Oland’s light and unique landscape are perfect surrounding to inrich experiencing knowledge coming from Ancient Vedas in Art and life.

All places are located in a  close distance with easy access to have a nice walk or cycle

( one week bike hire cost between £20-30/week) or by car if you want to hire a car.

Oland lies on a Baltic sea with sandy beaches, where you can enjoy swimming whenever you want.

In Sweden local and organic food is available every where.

There are local business promoted, so you have a chance to eat fantastic meals made from local products, veg or meat made in local restaurants.

Carlas Cafe – offers 10% discount for meals for Vedic Art course participants. One meal cost around £8 – 99SEK

There is possibility as well to enjoy every evening life music concerts in Carla’s Cafe, for a price of 100 SEK (Swedish Korona) for a ticket.

On a place there is possibilty to buy artist materials:

Canvas and Kallman’s Artist colours or other Acrylic Paints.

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