Create a year U want 2B in





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“Create a year U want 2 B in”

Dream board is a visual summary of all your desires and plans for the next year, gathered on one surface.

This surface can be a canvas, cardboard, piece of paper – You decide the size of your “Visual map”.

Personally, I prefere to use a large canvas,
it is durable, it has been valued greatly over the centuries… and this increases the value of our dreams in our subconscious.

A framed cardboard box in a glass, will also have a high value, although, this will lock our dreams behind glass, they would not be that easly available for our subconscious.

The size of your map also represents how big of a chance you give yourself to really pursue your desires.
My advice is to choose a slighlty bigger size so that you feel comfortable with it. (I will discuss many other details already in the workshop, as for what to look, when choosing both the surface and the pictures/ words etc.)

After the workshop, you can hang your map somewhere in your house, to be able to look at it often during the day. It is very important as well to enhance your work for your subconcious and a few other reasons which I will reveal during the workshop.


During the next couple weeks find plenty of images, pictures, words, slogans from magazines, calendars, postcards, newspapers, brochures, which perfectly illustrate and visually convey your desires and dreams … and then during the workshop you will place them in a special places of your surface (canvas painting / carton / card).


First we will clear our mind with our heart rythm with meditation and slight body movement with closed eyes.

Next, you prepare chosen surface with some special exercieses, to activate it with your energy field.

Than, Images on the board are placed according to the Ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui space arrangement in order to bring the harmony and balance between the different areas of your lives on your dream board, in order to maintain a constant flow of energy and joy every day in 2015.

Proper placement of appropriately selected images / pictures in the right places on the map, it can attract your desires.

“One of the laws in psychology says that if you create in your imagination a picture of yourself, of how you want to become and you will picture it for long enough, soon you will become of whom you thought” William James


All my dream boards attract exactly what I put on them.

Therefore, it is important that you construct a map of dreams consciously, deliberately choosing the elements – photos, words, images, because an effect may be a little different than your intention.

I remember my first map of dreams …

In the realm of the money and wealth I put just plants, trees, gardens in full bloom, because I associated them with evergreen “active” cash in the full phase of growth and development. Image fulfilled literally, In my flat, in a place where the wealth and money are with Feng Shui Baqua, I have a lot of green flowers and there is as well exit to the evergreen garden … Did it happen? Yes, even though I was thinking about something a little different. 😉

The second example, in the center of his map of dreams my colleague put a well built, sexy guy with a chocolate bar in his hand, he wanted to be very attractive and tempting as chocolate for his woman within a year … but in a result, he was so tempted to eat a lot of chocolate all year around, and put on weight and as well, after a few months a guy fell in love in him and he tried to be for him, as tempting and sweet as chocoltate is… Dream board proved also proven right.

SO , to avoid this, we will make some exercises to check what each image means to our subconcious mind.

Applications should be sent to email: – with “CREATE A YEAR U WANT 2B IN” in the title


COST: £30

Payment of £10 (Non-refundable deposit) is to be made up to two days after reserving a spot in the Workshop, and the remaining £20 is to be paid upon arrival.


I choose for this process a very special time of the year, which is the first new moon, right after the spring equinox.

Spring solstice, known as the Ostara, ( Hare and Eggs – comes Easter) – the time of the year, when fertility wakes up again in nature. This is the time in which the planted seed is embraced by the fertile soil and accepts to give fruits after a while. What else is Board of Dreams if not a seed of our desires?

New Moon is the time for the birth of the New Cycle.
According to the cycle of nature, new year is born already with the first new moon in spring.

This year it falls on the first thoroughly Day of Spring:-)



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