Event Calendar Vedic Art Courses in United Kingdom and international Courses.

We offer Foundation course, Contination , Teacher Training and much more! 

Courses online via skype and Zoom

All levels with Paulina Mazurek.  Certified teacher of Vedic Art online education

Online: Vedic Art Academy London offer Vedic Art courses in english and polish.
Foundation Course(Level 1), Contination Course (Level 2), Teacher Training and other advanced levels.

Curt Källmans International Vedic Art Center in Sweden – full week summer Courses

The worlds largest Vedic Art centre established by Curt Kallman year 1993. Teachers are Johannes Kallman, The International Vedic Art Coordinator and Paulina Mazurek, Coordinator United Kingdom.  https://www.vedicart.com/

Teacher Training C – London 6-7 April 2019

Teacher Training Continuation Course. Teacher Training Continuation Course. For Vedic Art teachers only. Previous experience required (uppdated from new year 2019). For joining this course you must have experience of teaching minimum two complete foundation Courses. You need as well yourself repeat the Continuation Course  as a student one time befor you can attend Teacher Training C.

This course gives you permission to teach the Continuation Course and gives you the tools to have conversations with students about their paintings and creative process. ( This is Level C for Teachers)

Course fee 400 £  For more information or to sign up please send an email: info@vedicartacademy.co.uk

How long time does the courses take to complete

Foundation course, level 1

The Foundation course takes 6 days (3 weekends) to complete.

Continuation course, level 2

The Contination course takes 4-6 days of (2-3 weekends) to complete.