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Massive SALE of Paulina’s Art!!!

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Paulina Mazurek is going to move out from London in a half of July 2015 and she decided to sell her all paintings before her departure for very occasional price.

It is a fantastic opportunity to own a painting from Paulina’s or buy one of her service before of her leave as Tarot Consultation (£50 for 90min of consultation) with or without numerology (+£15 extra) , Personal session to work with energy transformation on life difficulties, session is based on Radical Forgiveness method (£50 one. 1-2H session or 2 sessions: £75, 3 sessions – £100)paintings have a main price of £50 cover the production costs + a free will donation given by buyer’s decision

Big paintings have a main price of £100 cover the production costs + a free will donation given by buyer’s decision

There is an option to order as well an especially dedicated painting from Paulina before 14th of July 2015 for the same price rules as above.


!!! There are as well 3 more weekends to join Vedic Art workshop lead by Paulina in London at her special place: 13-14.06 , 4-5 & 11-12.07

After Paulina will still come and run Vedic Art workshop in London occasionally in Autumn and Winter 2015.

More details about it will come in near future.

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Last call to join us and go together to Oland for study Vedic Art with best teachers from Sweden!!! Last day to apply – 01.06.2015

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There are 3 places left for: 25.07 – 01.08.2015
4 places are left for: 01-08.08.2015

Flight to Gothenburg Landvatter and transport is organised to Oland by Vedic Art Academy
Last day for submitting application is on the 1st of June 2015

More to read about this special Vedic Art summer event:


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J came for Vedic Art teaser class in September 2014. He insisted he cannot paint at all  but he really wanted to try.mini_1 a

He is 49 years old, he’s occupation is upholsterer and he never painted before.

He heared about Vedic Art from Paulina. He was very curious how this course can run. He is very open for personal developmentand wanted to try, how Vedic Art can work for him.

He did not have any expectations – but now, he is sure, he has a lot after completing Foundation degree, because he started to know himself in deeper meaning and deeper understanding of himself.

He decided allready to sign for Advanced course. He realized, that he became more aware and open and he looks on his own life from different angles but as well he shift his viewon life for more positive.


The biggest surprised for him was, that he discovered, he can actually paint and even more – HE LIKES HIS PAINTINGS – he is proud of them. He was shocked that he did not have to know any special techniques before to create painting he loves.


He found Vedic Art process as a perfect way for relaxation and meditation.mini 5

He learnt throughout the course how to express feelings with confidence even in painting. He mentioned that some moments in a course were not easy to him, even physically. He had to admit to confront himself with his previous altitude towards the way how he looked at his life and to others and the life cycles. Some moments were hard to resist and he said that one day of the course was more tiring for his body than experience he had after running 30km but he was so surprised how this discomofort can melt so quick, simply by acceptence discoveries he had about himself.



In Paulina’s teaching – he liked her style and altitude to participants, atmosphere of freedom mini_2 a

in creation but he knew, he can ask for her support     in any time he needed.

He liked so much unique atmosphere of a place and a coffee with cinamon, speciality of the place.

15-22.02.2015 retreat in Wales, Port Talbot, UK

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I left London early in the morning on Sunday, 15th of February. I felt very emotional, it reminded me that when I was 18 years old when I commited myself to Art. When I shared this with my family, their answer was like -25*C, it could have killed the spark growing in my heart – the desire to life with Art. I loved paintnig since I can remember. When 5 years ago I was offered a place in Goldsmiths University of London I felt remarkable, special… talented. How disappointed I was, when I realized there, that Creating Art in University has nothing in common with real passion coming from the heart. It was 3 years journey, strictly clear in conceptual frame. I struggled so much – that is how I found Vedic Art. After reading a few sentences about it, I knew, it is a match for me, it says what I feel with the way I want to create – Straight away I booked my Foundation Level course, and after my Advanced Level course – very quickly I knew, I felt that this is my destiny to be Vedic Art teacher, to share it with others. In the first moment, when I started my car, tears of excitment flowed from my eyes – What a beautifull life I live! It was completely my decision. I was extremely proud of myself for being able to say NO to my relatives, to live a different life, opposite to one they wanted me to live, now I can say THANK YOU to myself for listening this tiny voice in my heart, to follow my feelings. I am so happy and pleased I can lead Vedic Art workshops for you.

In Wales beautiful sun welcomed us. Weather was fantastic. Relevant to every day of course – magically matched to what the group were experiencing on that particular day. Place where we lived for a week, was wonderful and cosy bed & breakfast surrounded by forests, mountains, with a beautiful garden and the stream swimming very close by. Every morning we could hear the birds singing.

We began the day at 7am with intuitive dance. Around 40mins we were dancing focusing on the body and blockage inside the bodies. The purpose of this activity was to move any stock energy blocks, old emotions and release stress before start our activity. The real gift to us was one of the participants, who is in training to be a yoga teacher – she offered us yoga sessions at 8am. 9.30 we had breakfast – Porridge oats cooked in a Ancient Chinese 5 element style to keep energy level balanced. 10am to 5pm (with 2 hours break for walks) we were having Vedic Art Principles lectures and activities.Evenings were free time for chats, sharing experiences and to tune with oneself.

Please have a look for a few photographs. If you want to see the full album, please visit Us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vedicartacademyuk

Sophie’s painting

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I came to Sophie, she looked  lost…rsz_dscn4935 (1)

In front of her was only green,
totally green canvas…

And she started to cry…:
“how can I paint anything about my past, or presence…even future,

If I realized that anything I think is total illusion. It is not exist!
Anything I thought is important yesterday is illusion today, anything I think today is important it maybe illusion tomorrow.

How can I belief?”….
After 1 hour, I looked at Sophie, and she was so busy with painting the same canvas….
She looked far better, more sure, more confident…
When I came to her, she told me most “Heaven like” story about her painting…
“At first I found myself up there – I realized I am creator of my own life – and I can create anything I want – and this colourful rays are effects of it.

After next 30 min, she found me again, and she said: “NO! – these rays are not me -it is source of our life, our source, that power, which create us, and these rays are me, in any actions I did, I do, I will do… and the other in Unity”…