Vedic Art Academy London founded by Paulina Mazurek

Vedic Art teacher and Fine Artist Paulina Mazurek is from August 2016 the Cooardinator of Vedic Art in United Kingdom.

Vedic Art Academy in London has been running Vedic Art courses from December 2013.

VAA has established in November 2013 in London.

Our courses are actively visited by people who love to create by not only by Artists!
Each, who want to improve quality of effects of own decisions in life will take tremendous benefits from taking part in our courses.

Vedic Art is wonderful and easy to use method to open a chamber of own talents and use them with satisfaction in life and Art projects.

Since 2013 Vedic Art Academy has taught hundreds of Vedic Art students. Ten of our students become eventually Vedic Art Teachers. They actively organize their Vedic Art courses in the Europe. Since 2016 we regularly train new Vedic Art Teacher each month.

Our teacher Paulina Mazurek cooperate with the main school of Vedic Art in Oland, Sweden during summer every year.
Once per year Vedic Art Academy invites to London Johannes Kallman, son of Curt Kallman – Vedic Art founder. Johannes leads us to advanced courses and make special lectures for people interested in Vedic Art subject.