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March 2015 - VedicArtAcademy

15-22.02.2015 retreat in Wales, Port Talbot, UK

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I left London early in the morning on Sunday, 15th of February. I felt very emotional, it reminded me that when I was 18 years old when I commited myself to Art. When I shared this with my family, their answer was like -25*C, it could have killed the spark growing in my heart – the desire to life with Art. I loved paintnig since I can remember. When 5 years ago I was offered a place in Goldsmiths University of London I felt remarkable, special… talented. How disappointed I was, when I realized there, that Creating Art in University has nothing in common with real passion coming from the heart. It was 3 years journey, strictly clear in conceptual frame. I struggled so much – that is how I found Vedic Art. After reading a few sentences about it, I knew, it is a match for me, it says what I feel with the way I want to create – Straight away I booked my Foundation Level course, and after my Advanced Level course – very quickly I knew, I felt that this is my destiny to be Vedic Art teacher, to share it with others. In the first moment, when I started my car, tears of excitment flowed from my eyes – What a beautifull life I live! It was completely my decision. I was extremely proud of myself for being able to say NO to my relatives, to live a different life, opposite to one they wanted me to live, now I can say THANK YOU to myself for listening this tiny voice in my heart, to follow my feelings. I am so happy and pleased I can lead Vedic Art workshops for you.

In Wales beautiful sun welcomed us. Weather was fantastic. Relevant to every day of course – magically matched to what the group were experiencing on that particular day. Place where we lived for a week, was wonderful and cosy bed & breakfast surrounded by forests, mountains, with a beautiful garden and the stream swimming very close by. Every morning we could hear the birds singing.

We began the day at 7am with intuitive dance. Around 40mins we were dancing focusing on the body and blockage inside the bodies. The purpose of this activity was to move any stock energy blocks, old emotions and release stress before start our activity. The real gift to us was one of the participants, who is in training to be a yoga teacher – she offered us yoga sessions at 8am. 9.30 we had breakfast – Porridge oats cooked in a Ancient Chinese 5 element style to keep energy level balanced. 10am to 5pm (with 2 hours break for walks) we were having Vedic Art Principles lectures and activities.Evenings were free time for chats, sharing experiences and to tune with oneself.

Please have a look for a few photographs. If you want to see the full album, please visit Us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vedicartacademyuk