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December 2014 - VedicArtAcademy

Sophie’s painting

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I came to Sophie, she looked  lost…rsz_dscn4935 (1)

In front of her was only green,
totally green canvas…

And she started to cry…:
“how can I paint anything about my past, or presence…even future,

If I realized that anything I think is total illusion. It is not exist!
Anything I thought is important yesterday is illusion today, anything I think today is important it maybe illusion tomorrow.

How can I belief?”….
After 1 hour, I looked at Sophie, and she was so busy with painting the same canvas….
She looked far better, more sure, more confident…
When I came to her, she told me most “Heaven like” story about her painting…
“At first I found myself up there – I realized I am creator of my own life – and I can create anything I want – and this colourful rays are effects of it.

After next 30 min, she found me again, and she said: “NO! – these rays are not me -it is source of our life, our source, that power, which create us, and these rays are me, in any actions I did, I do, I will do… and the other in Unity”…