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Vedic Art is a free-style, spontaneous painting method made to make you aware of everything about YOU and the life you create. It is a knowledge about Art itself and about how to achieve fullness/plenitude in your life! It highlights the talents and your strong sides. It wakes up the confidence within you to live your life fully! It shows you the problems you unconsciously create everyday and it allows you to change them quickly while experiencing fun during painting own canvas. After completing the course, you will have the permanent tools to make your deepest dreams come true.

Please be aware, that this course may bring you very big life transformations very quickly, maybe even during the course. Vedic Art Lessons help let out your feelings, emotions, hopes and traumas stopping you from moving on with your life. Have a look to see testimonials from previous Vedic Art Participants, to see, the benefits that came into their life after attending the Vedic Art course.

paulina_aboutVEDIC ART ACADEMY in London was found by Paulina Mazurek, Artist, Qualified Vedic Art Teacher, Clairvoyant & Tarot Cards Reader from 17 years, Radical Forgiveness Coach and Reconnection Practitioner.

History of Vedic Art

Curt 2Vedic Art was found by Curt Källman (1938 – 2010), Swedish artist who graduated Royal Academy in Stockholm. He devoted his whole life to Art. In 1988, after 14 years of work & research, Curt officially opened Vedic Art School in Bosjökloster Castle in Höör, Sweden. Name Vedic is strongly inspired by knowledge of Ancient Vedas, studied by Curt, by many years.

From 2010 Curt’s son – Johannes Källman is responsible for International Vedic Art in the whole World and he runs Swedish Vedic Art School.

Events – Vedic Art Academy 

Online: Vedic Art Academy London offer Vedic Art courses in english and polish.
Foundation Course(Level 1), Contination Course (Level 2), Teacher Training and other advanced levels.

Curt Källmans International Vedic Art Center in Sweden
Full week summer Courses. Returning event every year.

The worlds largest Vedic Art centre established by Curt Kallman year 1993. Teachers are Johannes Kallman, The International Vedic Art Coordinator and Paulina Mazurek, Coordinator United Kingdom.



photo: Paulina with Johannes Källman

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About Paulina Mazurek

Paulina Anna Mazurek, Vedic Art Teacher and Fine Artist. In 2014 she graduated Goldsmiths University of London, UK in BA(Hons) Fine Art. She is founder of Vedic Art Academy in London, national represantation of Vedic Art in UK. Since August 2016 Paulina is Vedic Art Teachers Trainer and Vedic Art official Coordinator in United Kingdom and Northern Irland.

She was born on 1st of June 1984 in a small village in the mountains in Poland. She has been painting since she can remember, it is always her heart’s true passion, tool of expression of daily joys, difficulties and observations of life.

In 2012, while on Level 1 – Foundation Vedic Art course, she realized, that she intuitively had been painting similarly to this way. Her heart knew, that Vedic Art is the path for her, that she will follow it and invite others to experience their true selves and their souls. She is Certificated Teacher of Vedic Art.

Paulina also has been applying Colling Tipping’s “Radical Forgiveness” methodhology in her life since 2006 & now she’s studying to get Master Coach Qualification of that method to bring help to people, in other ways than painting. She is an insightful Tarot & other Cards & Numerology reader.

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"Miracles do happen. So I've heard and experienced them myself now. Thank you Paulina for this space "VAA" organised. I experienced the process, which surprised me a lot and I think that could happen only in this way. I'm so grateful you gave me that. I would recommend that workshop to anyone who wants to get help and do not know how. THIS is a wonderful process that will last forever & change our lives. Thank you!!!"

− Eva

"An amazing journey, an adventure. Great experiences and sensations. Places, people, atmosphere and energy that you created Paulie. Thank you for "VAA" that has created us the opportunity of Vedic Art workshop, and that you were the one who led this program. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Excellent energy. Each for each of splendour."

− Maja

"It was a real adventure ... with painting, with Art - as life is art as well. It was a time full of fun, joy, truth and innocence. Paulina, you created a space full of warmth and acceptance, safe space for the emergence of everything. This allowed for a deep and gentle transformations at the same time in that process. Thank you for this time. It was for me a very valuable workshop."

− Pola

" I have no words to express what I experienced at this workshop. Much has changed in my life , And above all I stopped to be afraid of spiders , which was my big fear by most of my past life . Also became more attentive to myself and I started to see and appreciate what I'm doing."

− Marta, 36

Pauline , thank you very much for this tool , painting, on which you invited me . I have new passions , over coated all my life with real manifestation and success in everyday life."

− Eva, 46, dietitian

"I'm surprised that such Plotting the line gave me so much peace. It is surprising that such a simple act can unleash so much emotion and give theses silence - the natural meditation in motion with a pencil and hand .

However, in painting the most interesting for me is fact that by painting after a few minutes of painting a canvas and by , looking from a distance suddenly I saw a very important subject of my life, so deeply hidden in the middle of content - something of which I was not even mean to be see or talked in everyday life."

− Jo, 45, photographer

"Oh has happened ... thanks for the wonderful time that every time I recall with a smile on his face . The warm and friendly atmosphere reminded me of my roots, which are venturing deep into the ground, allowing me to reap from it all that what is needed for my growth. The peace and tranquillity met with the truth about myself and I repainted one of the most difficult relationships
of my life , which over the years destructively affected my self-esteem and my decisions. Just a few days after I created my painting, I start to experience with disbelief as the relationship with my mom start to changed dramatically . Thank you Pauline for putting Vedic Art here and see you at the next workshop :-)"

− Agnes, 30, accountant