Vedic Art teacher´s information, United Kingdom



The standards of the courses of Vedic Art, decided by the founder of method Curt Källman.

Foundation Course Vedic Art © Foundation course is an introduction to the 17 Principles. No passed experience required. The course is held in minimum six days and 30 hours of theory and painting.  The Foundation course was found by Curt Källman year 1988.

Continuation Course Vedic Art© For those who passed the foundation course. Contains additions, repeating and deeper lectures on the principles. Here you also have time to have individual support from the Vedic art teachers during your painting process. The course is held in minimum of four days and 20 hours of theory and painting. The Contination Course was found by Curt Källman.



Teachers training course levels

Teachers training. For those who passed the foundation and continuation course. Teacher course qualifies you to make your own foundation courses of Vedic Art.

The Advanced Teachers Training.  For Vedic Art teachers who have participated in the Teachers training. The Advanced Teachers Training gives you permission to hold the continuation course and gives you the tools to talk with students about their paintings according to Curt’s methods. We also go deeper in the Vedic knowledge in this course and give you permission to held Introduction course of the Six Vedangas connected to the 17 Principles.

Teachers Training–  Vedic Art for Children 
A course for you who are Vedic Art teacher. During this course, we give instructions and practical experience of teaching Vedic Art for children and for groups with both parents and children. The teacher of this course is Rinnie Crossler. Rinnie have many years’ experience both as Vedic Art teacher and preschool teacher. The teacher of this course Rinnie Crossler is educated pedagod and kindergarden teacher. Vedic art teacher since year 1997




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